Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil “LOS MOLINOS” 1L PET

Available in 1L, 2L and 5L.
Cultivation and processing with an extreme care. Extra virgin olive oil comes from olive trees free of fertilizers and chemical pesticides, preserving intact all its vitamins and organoleptic properties. Its intense fruitiness gives this oil its own character, with the best qualities and a flavor which complement any recipe.
Golden yellow color with green light touches. Intense aroma, with elegant notes of green fruits, reminiscent of almond blossom and green grass touched with tomato leaf. Dense and enduring body with a hint of bitterness and spice perfectly balanced.
Consumption suggestion
Good for cooking. Use it with grilled vegetables, pasta, fish such as cod or salmon, or for frying. It is recommended to use it for dressing salads, for frying, or even just in a piece of toast bread with a bit of salt.