Los Molinos

"Those giants with long arms that bring luster to the plateau"

A mill, was originally a structure with candles, which was used mainly to produce flour from corn grains. They used to be built entirely by master craftsmen. They are also famous for the central role they play in the Cervantes classic "Don Quixote de la Mancha", who confused them with giants. We have the pleasure of conserving many of these old mills in our town, forming a must-visit route.

Advanced mills operate with only three blades, and are mainly used to generate sustainable sources of energy, although the original mills were also used to pump water as well as generate power.

Our brand represents, like the mills, the evolution from the craftsmanship of our ancestors, to the present, in which the techniques of oil processing have changed, but the essence of this artisanal spirit remains the same: the care of the image and the quality of our olive oils, from the first fruit that comes from the olive tree, to the last drop of oil that enters the container. In addition, it is an honour for us to remind consumers of the importance of La Mancha in this classic literature known throughout the world.