Los Galanes
LOS GALANES is our flagship brand, under which our best wines are bottled. This brand refers to the way that friends are called in our town. It denotes trust and friendship. A GALÁN is an elegant yet close person, sure of oneself. Someone to enjoy life with. LOS GALANES wines represent the type of friend that you want to show off.
Among our line of products, there is a special one called “Campechano” which means kind and humble. We want to convey these ideals through our organic family line which is made from non-processed, chemical-free fruit. These wines are made from the most exclusive grapes from our organic viticulture, which respects the environment, our lands and traditions.
Our Lobillo wines owe their name to a well-known town, called Lobillo. Traditionally, this village was used by grape harvesters during the harvest period. Since there were no cars back then, the town was used to rest without needing to return to their homes.
Santa Catalina’s most refreshing drink, a favourite of the new generations. A pleasantly sweet wine that is easy to drink. Also perfect for cocktails or simply alongside ice cubes and a slice of lemon. This brand comes from the mix of “viña” that means “vineyard” and “gal” abbreviation of Galanes