The soil and fruits

The land is tended to with the greatest care in order to produce the best harvest each season.

Our lands experience an extreme continental climate, with large thermal oscillations and variable rainfall that contributes to an optimal vine cultivation.

This region has numerous terrains, including hills. The uniqueness of the place creates a limestone soil, ideal for our crops. This paints the landscape with an extensive range of colours, which affects the wide variety of aromas and tastes of the fruit.

Due to these excellent crops, we produce wines of unparalleled quality that are backed by the seal and guarantee of the Denomination of Origin from La Mancha, the largest wine-growing region.

We grow local varieties such as white Airén and Macabeo and the varieties, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc. Our most important red wine is Tempranillo (it has been commonly known as Cencibel in Castilla La Mancha for years), and a new variety, Syrah.

These traditional and local varieties, both with great in-bottle evolution capacity, add a complexity that really makes the wines stand out.

If you wish to learn more about the process of winemaking in our traditional winery, we offer guided visits through our facilities.

Our soil provides this Extra Virgin Olive Oils with the complex tastes and scents that Cornicabra and Picual olive trees provide.

These are ancient olive trees, with low yield, that give our olive oil its concentrated quality. Our priorities are the details and nuances in flavor achieved from the very beginning of the cultivation to their grinding at the best time and the precise moment of ripeness.

Our main priorities are patience, calm, the commitment to hard work and new technology, the excellent fruit and land grant us these wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oils, obtained directly from mechanical procedures.

We have three lines of extra virgin oil: Conventional Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and the Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, are all born in our olive oil mill, marketed under the brand “Los Molinos”.

Our olive oils have exceptional qualities, convey pleasant and intense aromas, as well as a unique flavour that will elevate any recipe to new heights. In addition, our clients enjoy an excellent quality-price ratio, which is one of the best among the Extra Virgin Olive Oils Spanish market.