Oct 18 , 2018


Can you cook with olive oil? Which olive oil is the best for cooking? Is it healthy?

Have you ever wondered about these questions? I am sure you have…Here you can find all of the answers to your questions.

Which oil is best for cooking?

Olive oil is the most ideal for cooking, due to several reasons. It has many monounsaturated and saturated compounds, more than other s oils, and these compounds are much more resistant to the oxidation process. In addition, due to it’s physical and chemical qualities, olive oil is the most suitable for frying, since it resists temperatures of up to 180 to 200 ºC. It is the most stable, it’s decomposition is slower and, moreover, it is less impregnated to the food, that’s why the food contain fewer calories and is easier to digest.

Although the olive oil has a smoke point lower than other s oil (for instance sunflower oil), its composition makes it more resistant to frying, so it can be used more times than others. This is because Olive Oil has a high content of natural antioxidants, which contribute to it degrading less and slower than other s vegetable oils. On top, It is also more stable, conserving all of the nutrients for a longer period of time. Compared with peanut oil or canola oil, Olive Oil produces fewer toxic compounds when frying and takes longer to appear.

It does not seem to matter if the olive oil is extra virgin or not for cooking. Cooking with extra virgin olive oil is as healthy as cooking with regular olive oil. However, extra virgin olive oil is the best option for consuming raw dressing or seasoning, for instance in salads, because of its great taste.

What can I cook with olive oil?

You can cook a lot of different foods with olive oil a lot of different food. You can roast asparagus with olive oil or potatoes. Just put a little bit of olive oil in the pan, heat it up, and then add the vegetables. When they are already golden, take it out and add a little bit of salt. You can even dress it up with raw olive oil and a little bit of lemon. It will taste delicious!

Is it healthy?

Many people think olive oil has cholesterol. Well, the amount of cholesterol present in olive oil is 0 grams!
Do not forget!! The food cooked with EVOO keeps its nutritional properties, EVOO does not have cholesterol, and EVOO is a vegan product.

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