Nov 29 , 2018


After the Viñagal Blanco success, Santa Catalina has launched a new rosé color and fruit scented Viñagal.

Santa Catalina, from La Solana (Spain), has made a new product in their recent campaign 2018-2019: a partially fermented must, Tempranillo variety, Viñagal Rosado. A pink with orange notes of color drink, that result as attractive to the view as to the palate.

Its red fruit aromas, and its sweet taste, make it easy to drink, and with a big potential taste to conquer the new generations palates.

The well-known Viñagal Blanco, has been a success among the female and young consumers (two segments that seem to have similar tastes). With this new Viñagal Rosado variety, it is meant wanted to please the preferences of the aforementioned public and offer them an alternative to choose.

Viñagal Rosado, is a sweet drink, with just 7 percent alcohol degrees, perfect to enjoy on its own, cold enough. Also, you can pair it with fresh cheeses, salads, desserts or sweet-salt combinations. In addition, it could be used to elaborate cocktails.