Jul 18 , 2019

White Wine Cocktail

Who does not enjoy a cool cocktail during the summer? There are lots of options to make a cocktail, in this case, we will learn to make a cocktail with white wine.

Refreshing, tasty, and creative!

White wine cocktail:

The best option is to choose a dry white wine, with floral and fruity aromas, such as our Airén Los Galanes. Perfect to combine with the following ingredients and highlight the colors and flavors of the fruits.

The following cocktail has been called GALÁN DE DÍA:


The first requisite is to have a wide glass, which preferably will have been in the freezer for a while, so it is very cold.

Chop the strawberries and reserve.

We mixed 10cl of dry white wine Los Galanes with 5cl of Vodka, to which we will add 15cl of sparkling water, and chopped strawberries. Remove with a spoon very gently to mix, but without letting the gas escape.

The next step will be to prepare our glass: we will wet the edge of the glass with the lemon juice, and after that, we will pour the glass over a layer of sugar previously spilled on a deep plate, so that the edge of our glass is impregnated with lemon and sugar.

Once this is done, we introduce the ice into the glass (preferably crushed ice, but it can also be made with cubes), pour the previously prepared mixture, and add a couple of blueberry fruits (these can also be introduced on a stick).

Ready to be tasted, shared and enjoyed!

If you elaborate it, why do not you upload it to the social network and name us?

We are looking forward to seeing your result!