Soria, 6 Apr (EFE).- The 3rd International Congress on the Language of Vines and Wines, which began today in Soria, will bring together the terms used in this language "from the vine to the glass" in Spanish-speaking countries.

Isabel Mijares, an international expert in the language of wine, opened the congress today with a talk on the vocabulary used in wine-making in Spanish-speaking countries, in which she stressed the need to make the language of wine more understandable because we sometimes “speak using an esoteric language that people don’t understand”.

If this is a significant problem in Spain, where each region has its own idioms, it is even more so in the South American countries, where "where we speak the same language, but not for everything”.

The objective, as mentioned, is to begin a project in Soria to encompass the sense for all Spanish-speaking countries in a single "compendium and reach a consensus in the language from the vine to the glass, from the vineyard to the winemaking process".

Mijares emphasised that the project has had a strong start in Soria, in a Congress which will bring together one hundred specialists and which already has the support of the Royal Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy.